Wall Beds Manufacturing is passionate about saving you space.

Our murphy style wall beds are able to be custom made to your exact specifications.

From the spare bedroom to the fire station, we custom build cabinetry that will provide the space solutions you need while providing you or your guests with the best night’s sleep.

Our products are all about giving you practical, beautiful and space saving options. No matter if you’re looking for a custom built bed or already see one you like, we build each and every product with you in mind, creating a piece that will fit your available space and last as long as you need it.

Our wall beds are built with quality and care, so you can be assured they will last a lifetime.

We’ve worked with a variety of clients who have different needs and expectations. We’re happy to build custom pieces for whatever type of wall bed you need, whether it be for your own home or for a business. See what our clients have to say about their wall bed experience.

We are proud that our products are not only in homes all across the the world, but are used by some of the finest hotels and resorts, in motels and apartments, fire stations, colleges and universities, retirement communities, hospitals, and healthcare and assisted living facilities.

We have been recognized as a “Preferred Vendor” for some of the finest hotel chains and property management companies in the world, and have had the privilege to work with several of the top architectural and interior design firms in the United States. Because of our relationship with these top quality hotels and design firms we have grown to be one of the largest suppliers of murphy style wall beds in the country.

Our entire line of murphy style wall beds carry a lifetime warranty on the mechanism, and a ten year warranty on the bedding, foundation, and cabinetry against defects in material and/or workmanship, which means years of maintenance free operation. Plus, by purchasing from Wall Beds Manufacturing, replacement parts will always be available in the styles, colors, and finishes that you originally purchased.

Wall Beds Manufacturing, Inc. offers the exclusive ability to deliver and install our products anywhere in the United States and able to ship our products worldwide. When you combine our exceptional quality, great pricing, and outstanding service with our excellent warranties, you won’t find a better murphy style Wall Bed on the market today.

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