Wall Beds can be utilized by many different industries, and we’re proud to serve them all

Our goal is to build wall beds with the utmost quality while remaining affordable. Our pieces are designed to be beautiful, stylish, and are value engineered with our customers in mind. We have many out of the box options to choose from, or we can custom build a wall bed to meet your design aesthetic and size specifications.

We are more than happy to help serve anyone who is looking to install a wall bed, but we specialize in serving the following industries.

Hotels and Resorts

When you need to maximize space in a suite or create multipurpose rooms for overflow, murphy beds are an ideal solution. We have many options for hotels, including a Sofa Bed Plus, perfect for suites. During the day guests can use the room for recreation, and at night the room can transform into a bedroom, with the comfort of a real mattress and bed. Wall beds can also be used strategically throughout the hotel to provide beds in the case of overflow. Place wall beds in conference rooms and disguise them as stylish cabinets. When extra beds are needed, all you have to do is pull the bed down, and you can provide guests with a comfortable place to sleep increasing your RevPAR.

Fire Stations

Wall beds are an excellent option for fire stations, providing comfortable sleeping arrangements for on-duty firefighters. During the day, the beds can be closed and put away, providing valuable space for training or other use. We are experienced in designing the ideal space for firefighters and have worked with fire stations both locally and nationally to design the perfect wall bed solutions for them.

Colleges and Universities

Dorm rooms are often limited on space. Wall beds allow students to maximize their space during the day while ensuring they have a comfortable place to sleep. Wall beds are also a great option for training in certain vocations, such as healthcare. When students are training wall beds can provide space for “patients.” During traditional lectures, the wall bed can remain hidden. We have many styles that will work in a university setting, including our Sofa Bed Plus, The Side Bed, or any of our traditional murphy beds.

Dialysis and Medical Centers

Because wall beds are the perfect blend of comfort and efficiency, they are a great solution for the healthcare industry. They can be utilized for dialysis center, sleep labs, hospital rooms, and in doctors offices. While a standard wall bed can be used in a variety of settings, we also offer pull-out exam tables. We can even combine the two, which can be used in sleep labs for multi purpose rooms.


If you’re looking for an extra bed to be used for guests, yet want to save space in an office or hobby room, a wall bed may be a good option for your family. We have several kinds of wall beds that can be used for a variety of purposes while providing the extra bed you need. Choose from wall beds with shelves, hangers, or drawers, with a number of finishes that will match your existing style.