6 Wall Bed Myths Explained in Gifs charlie chaplin

6 Wall Bed Myths Explained in Gifs

Author: NOW MG January 14, 2018

There are a handful of wall bed myths out there, which is maybe the reason that everyone doesn’t own one. Myths are most likely to be believed by anyone who knows very little about wall beds, those who have never used one, or those who have never bought one.

We’re here to debunk these myths and show you the facts, hopefully with some helpful gifs.

It’s too much work

6 Wall Bed Myths Explained in Gifs wizard chore

Here are the facts: you can use built-in straps to hold sheets and pillows down when hiding the bed, there are no special parts to take on and off, and it can be opened and closed with a simple pull of a handle. A spring mechanism allows you raise and lower it easily, without having to feel like you’re doing a bench press.

The bed also tucks into the wall, so you don’t even have to make it. Just don’t tell your mother.

You need a special mattress

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Nope. No special mattress is needed. Wall beds are built to fit any mattress size. They can be fitted for any mattress up to 10 inches thick. So whether you prefer to sleep on a wooden board or a mountain of memory foam, you can use a wall bed.

  • You can’t take a wall bed when moving

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Not true. Wall beds are attached to wall studs, and can be uninstalled in the event of relocating. Contrary to popular belief, wall beds are not permanent pieces of furniture.

Wall beds aren’t comfortable

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This is really up to you, because the mattress can be anything. Any standard mattress can fit a wall bed, so there is almost no limit to what comfort level you can achieve. Unlike futons and sofa beds, wall beds have no folding parts that could poke you, hurt your back, or interrupt your sleep.

Wall beds are dangerous

6 Wall Bed Myths Explained in Gifs charlie chaplin

As you know now, wall beds are attached to sturdy studs in several locations, both on the floor and in the wall, to make sure they won’t move even a smidgen. And they are built with locks in order to stay in place during the day. So even if they somehow happen to fall unexpectedly, the locks will keep them safely upright.

Wall beds weigh too much

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A queen-sized mattress will weigh around 60 to 80 pounds on its own. And although you will be lifting both the mattress and the frame, a modern wall bed is usually fitted with springs and other mechanisms to reduce the weight you have to lift. In fact, you could probably lift a wall bed with just one finger.